Why Choose Us

Ready For Tomorrow®

In a highly structured setting that combines academics with social skills, your child will be prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Positive, professional, and passionate educators work with your child every day to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed.

Social-Emotional Learning Director

A designated expert in early childhood mental health works with teachers and children to promote positive development.

A Research-Based Curriculum

A program designed by experts guides child-focused, teacher-directed learning-disguised-as-fun for optimal results.

Enriched Learning Extensions

Vigilant, caring staff and strict protocols protect your child while state-of-the-art Halo® disinfection safeguards their health.

Frequent Communication

With detailed daily notes and pictures sent directly to your email or via the Tadpoles© app, you stay connected to your child’s day.

Cozy, Safe, And Clean

A loving, home-like environment meets high standards for cleanliness and safety and makes your child feel part of the family.

Experienced Owners

Master degreed former elementary school teachers with a combined 50 years in education ensure your child shines.