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Hot Chocolate Talk

In support of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Committee for Children’s Hot Chocolate Talk® campaign is here to help you with free child-protection resources. While early data shows that reports of abuse have dropped during the pandemic, experts are concerned that abuse may actually be increasing.

You can help protect children with tools to establish safety rules and start conversations with children about sexual abuse prevention.

0-5 sexual abuse prevention conversation guide

Early Childhood Mental Health

The Family Conservancy has provided an Early Childhood Mental Health newsletter with valuable information for parents.  A link for the newsletter is below.  In this issue, we are reminded that “breathing deeply can help us to slow down our thoughts and move through our big emotions like sadness, anger and fear. Breathing moves us up out of our brain stems and into our executive brain so we can respond as opposed to react. Remember belly breathing is the most effective way to calm ourselves down, meaning your belly should expand when you breathe in and con-tract when you breathe out.”

The link below has a fun video to help children learn to Belly Breathe.

ECMH February 2021 newsletter

Parent Resources

Are you looking for ways to help your child practice early literacy and math skills? Our 2021 Parent Resource for Childhood Connections offers several activities for your child to develop these skills while having fun with you!